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This part / products introducing UV ADHESIVE

Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd offers a frontline range of UV and UV/Visable adhesives for different bonding applications from Glass to Glass, Glass to Metal, PVC to polycarbonate and even for consumer use. Cartell can also provide formulation tailored for a specific application if required.

Code     Color       Viscosity(cPs) Hardness(Shore D)  Strength(N/mm^2) 

Cure  Speed


Method of Curing Bonding Type Dry-to-Touch TDS
Mxcur WSR Clear 80 85  N/A 10s  Visible Light  Window Repair 
Mxcur011 Clear 130 83 >9  5s  UVA  Plastic to Metal 
Mxcur311 Clear 20 55 >4.5   5s UVA  PVC, Polycarbonate   N
Mxcur321 Clear 5300 55 >5  10s  UVA  PVC, Polycarbonate   N
Mxcur349 Clear 750 75 6.5  10s  UVA   Glass to Glass
Mxcur350 Clear 1600 75~85 >6  10s  UVA  Glass to metal 
Mxcur351 Clear 1600 75~85  >6 15s  Visible Light   Consumer Glass Bonding
Mxcur352 Clear


72 15  10s  UVA  Potting 


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